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Un Bal Un Soir


The idea of "Un Bal Un Soir" was born on May 28, 2014 during an exceptional evening of the Academy of modern music of Arras. A few months after the opening of his class of bagpipes, the center had chosen to devote its annual evening to traditional music. Given the public's enthusiasm, and the expectations of dancers from Arras, Merryl and FX Luchart, Pierre Mordacque and the bassist Stéphane Beaucourt decided to meet around a repertoire of music to dance.

For 3 years, the group held folk dances throughout the region, including the "ball de la chandeleur", an annual meeting of the resident of Arras with a repertoire of music from different regions of France, from different periods in chain, in line ... Dances are accessible to all, regardless of age or level of dance.

“Un bal un soir” regularly associates with regional dance specialists in order to offer complete services including a dance course and ball.

Many forms of ball and/or stage are possible, do not hesitate to consult us.

Pierre Mordacque : Guitar and Banjo

Merryl Luchart : Bagpipes and musette

Stéphane Beaucourt : Double bass

FX Luchart : Hammered dulcimer

Un Bal Un Soir
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