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Duet of Bowed string instrument and struck stringed instrument. Claire Poillion in viola and François-Xavier Luchart in hammered dulcimer interprets popular music of American history: "Old Time Music", born in the 18th century with the arrival of the Irish, English and Scottish settlers.

The show, punctuated by many historical anecdotes, dives the listener in the world of the to the immigrants who have just settled in the Appalachian Mountains, taking him to the battle of New Orleans, or in the heart of Thomas Jefferson's election campaign in 1803.

Un Bal Un Soir

Lorsque Reno

Duet of bagpipes. Merryl Luchart and Renaud Hibon began the bagpipes at a very early age and share the same passion for this instrument.

After their meeting at the Conservatoire of Calais, they decided to unite their bagpipes around a project that combines traditional pieces and compositions. Together, they revisit the pieces of yesterday and bring a new impulse!

Arcanes Sextet

Since 2003, the Arcanes Sextet group bring together professional musicians from various backgrounds - classical, jazz, pop and traditional music - with resolutely modern compositions, enhanced by the use of original instrumentation: bagpipes, hammered dulcimer, guitars, drums and machines.

After two discs produced by the Nordic label Bemol Productions "La Moisson du Soleil" (2004), and "Organic" (2007), and some concerts in France, Belgium and England, Arcanes remained for each member of the group a freedom, a zone of intimacy for creations. Arcane musicians meet periodically to compose, to accomplish the works, as a rendezvous fixed by destiny at the crossroads of art and life, the esthetic and human adventure.

Un Bal Un Soir
Un Bal Un Soir

Résonnez musettes


“Résonnez musettes” directed by Dominique Paris, brings to life a musical heritage which has remained relatively unused because of the current rarity of instruments for which it was intented. The works are signed by a large number of composers such as Joseph-Bodin de Boismortier, Nicolas Chedeville, Michel Corrette …

The repertoire abounds with dance tunes in vogue in the XVII and XVIII centuries: Menuets, rigaudons, bourrée ... but also import dances like the jig, or dances in chain of the Renaissance which still persist in the 18th century, or in the opposite new dances like the contredanse.

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