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We offer individual or semi-collective courses according to the disciplines, from the age of 7. No notion of music theory is required.

Discover below our different professors



with Adrien Coquelet


After classical training started at the age of 7 at the Conservatoire of Lille, Adrien Coquelet met Vincent Leutreau (Dirty Linen, The gop, ..) who transmitted his passion for Irish fiddle and more generally, traditional Irish music.


After 6 years with him, and numerous internships with brilliant fiddlers such as Gerry O'connor, Paul O'Shau gnessy, Niall Murphy, and Seamus McGuire, Adrien chose to pass on his knowledge and experience of music of oral tradition.

Passionate pedagogue and accomplished musician (The Britons, The Hitchhikers to Dublin), he carries the values of the most famous traditional musicians of Ireland: virtuosity and simplicity.


with Merryl Luchart


Merryl divide her time between teaching bagpipes and her career as a musician.


“Piper” since the age of 9, she first learned, played and managed with Bernard Boulanger. Then, she studied at the Conservatoire of Calais with Michel Lebreton and obtained a bagpipe degree in 2012.


She joined the Conservatorie of Versailles in François Lazarevitch’s classes for musette baroque and Blandine Rannou for chamber music.

She obtained her diploma in June 2016 and continued a final improvement course until June 2017.

Guitar, banjo

with Pierre Mordacque


Guitarist, author, composer, arranger and concert artist, Pierre began his career as a music teacher.


His need to transmit his passion pushed him to create an Academy of modern music in 1992 of which he became director.

This center counted up to 10 teachers and 200 students.

After his beginnings in traditional music where he was introduced to other instruments such as the banjo, the mandolin or the violin, he specializes in blues and jazz, affirming his natural inclination for improvisation.

Pierre accompanies and participates in the musical creation of numerous shows, musical readings, music for advertising and has played with big names like Peter Nathanson, Alain Gozo, Hugues Rouzé …

Irish dance

with Marie

Initiated very early to the performing arts and mainly to the dance, Marie took her first steps on stage at the age of 7 years. It is through the municipal dance schools around Arras that she learnt the basics and techniques of classical dance, modern jazz and contemporary.
            From 2010 to 2013, she discovers Irish dance and undertakes a series of internships under the supervision of Sarah Clark (former dancer of Lord of the Dance). In 2014, Marie joined the Sarah Clark Academy of Irish Dancing and took part in the same year at the European Irish Dance Championships in The Hague. She will bring back some trophies and medals. From now on, Marie imagines the choreography and leads the dance on the pieces of The Hitchhikers to Dublin. Pushed by her desire to create and transmit, she runs an Irish dance in soft shoes and hard shoes in Lille.


Jonathan Desrumeaux School

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